Mobile Teaching in the Mission Field

  • Theological Education by Extension (TEE): certificate program
  • Prospect countries: Asia and South America


Missionary Internship and Cross-cultural exposure

  • Apprenticeship
  • College Credits



  • Individuals
  • Churches
  • Missions


Academic  programs (Korean/English)

Degree programs offered by PTSA


As Scriptures emphasize Christian unity and Collaboration (John 17, I Corinthians 12), we can accomplish the same goal (Psalms 86:9) through our cooperative efforts. So, if you value working with others who share the same core evangelical beliefs … you’re welcome!

Here are some of our affiliated organizations. We would like to invite a worldwide spectrum of the Mission organizations.

Ministry Collaboration

Sharing the same vision among Internationals (or ISM)
Association of Christians Among Internationals (ACMI) 
Small Group Bible Studies and leadership development
Coffeebreak Ministry